Yoon-Suin: The Yellow City

The Dragon's Tongue

Miles, Sariel, & the rogue Dae set off through The Yellow City in search of fortune. And within the golden walls, few fortunes are made faster than in the areas of the fighting troupes. But all is not well in the Checkered Clubs because their champion, Malic the Quick, is facing a slow death.

After conferring with three shadowy sullen figures whose names they never quite got, the party was off to the Topaz Isles in search of the Dragon’s Tongue which was fabled to grow only in the last known location of a dragon. But first a short stop to an accounts man named Podrick Pan Wa, who was quite reluctant to take Dae’s money on Malic considering the word on the street he was soon to join the damned in haunted Lahag. But Podrick was able to pass on the information the Malic was scheduled to fight Oren-Wren of the Red Club Troupe in 2 days.

After some tough negotiation with a salty fisherman, the group found themselves on the shores of one of the thousands of isles that float in the Bay of Morays. A column of scavenger birds led them to a pile of dragon scat-fresh! And a battle between goat-men and crab-men over…who would be king of the dung. It was never clear as the survivor who could have answered that question was, not healed with magic, but killed out of kindness. Must have been the jittery nerves from the fight with the other group of crab-men.

But in the end, they got the key to fortune in the form of a large purple flower…now they they have to hope the fisherman they threatened with casual murder will come back to pick them up.

Ears low to the streets, you hear opportunity...


  1. Victoria Vash has been at odds with Juin Xu Ree because a few of the House’s prominent guests have left shaken after attending her readings. This has raised the house’s social standing in the community, but at the cost of a few guests vowing never to return.
  1. An old friend, or as close to a friend as you could find in Yoon-Suin, from the Swift Hand has recently died in part due to an internal split. The murder might have information about a job your party pulled early on. Information which could endanger your standing with your patron.
  1. The Order of the Black Orchid had their head holyman run raving mad into the streets and disappearing into the night. The shrine is disparate to get him back.
  1. The Checkered Clubs fighting troupe need a party to secure a Dragon’s Tongue flower to heal their prized fighter who was poisoned.
  1. The Topaz Roach Clan needs some additional muscle. They have a member who can perform minor miracles. A boon to those of such low cast. However, the Blue Path Clan wants to steal him.
  1. A few families in the middle class residence of Yoon-Suin are distressed to find the graves of their loved ones disturbed and their bodies missing. They’re willing to pay to someone to investigate the graves.
  1. Juin Xu Ree is excited about a new gem discovered in an exhausted topaz mine and wants you to explore it an report back. Information has been scant and those who have returned have gone mad or missing. But in truth they were bought on the cheap.
  1. In passing, you heard that the children of a poor ward were being killed an a pretty horrific way. Few slugmen are concerned- they are just mostly poor human children, really no better than crabmen.
  1. An allied house has complained about another ship being lost (Hex 11.5) due to a vicious attack and then another attack after an expedition was sent to recover the cargo. Something about wretched tamasic filth.
  1. In an island in the bay lives a witch who will grant 3 wishes if someone will her ugly, ill-mannered daughters; she grows tired of their looks, manners, and tongues.
  1. Juin Xu Ree as yet more trouble with another topaz mine that funds a monthly wallet. Recently it has flooded despite the House miner assuring the mine with above sea-level. As this mine has become quite profitable, it would be most wonderful to have it back in production.
  1. A slugman golemnist wants to procure a famous trident said to be able to move the will of all fish. The creator of this artifact is located a far ways from the city (Hex 7.7). He seems quite desperate.
  1. A human astronomer, quite famed in the city, has had a series of important star charts stolen. His career in the second most prominent society depends on getting them back. However his fondness for spirit tea and dancers seems to be a sticking point.
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