Welcome wretched worms!

Two full moons ago your pitiful ship threw itself against the Topaz Isles like a crazed dog and disgorged you all upon the beautiful shores of The Yellow City. How you escaped being eaten or worse I do not know, perhaps the carrion gods owed you a favor…

But no bother because now you owe a grand debt to the gracious tea-trader Bin La whose eyes recognized your potential as you floundered among the crab-fighting stables and the cockroach vendors. And your luck didn’t stop, because Victoria Vash, that cursed seer, agreed on your potential! Now you are vassals of the this great house. Imagine that! Once corpses saved from the dinner plates of crab-men, now basking in glory of a sluglord.

I have my doubts, but what does the head guard of the House of the Azure Wave know about the worth of bodies? Only that my master allows some to be alive and some to be dead.

Now, on your knees. Our master’s consort, your patron, Juin Xu Ree, arrives! You are in the house of slugmen! Now show your respect!

Yoon-Suin: The Yellow City

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